Specialist Programs

Gateway to Literacy

An integrated approach which develops perceptual motor skills, oral language and phonological awareness.

Physical Education

All classes participate in specialized Physical Education. lessons. Students learn individual and team sports and are coached to develop their skills to a level which will enable them to play a game or improvised game of the specific sport. They
will further develop their fine and gross motor skills, and along with learning sportsmanship they will have fun. Throughout the year clinics are also held with a focus on a variety of different sports such as rugby and AFL. Upper primary students also have the opportunity to participate in interschool sports each Friday afternoon throughout the year.

Indigenous Cultural Unit

An Indigenous Cultural Coordinator is employed to conduct Indigenous Studies in each class throughout the year.  The units focus on linking culture and heritage to learning programs.  Throughout the two or three week block, students will go on excursions, be involved in making artifacts, aboriginal song and dance, storytelling and many other engaging activities.

Pastoral Care

MacFarlane School has a Chaplain who works in the school 5 days a week. Their role is funded through the National School Chaplaincy Program and they are vetted by the school council and school leadership team. The aim of the service within the school is to offer support and pastoral care for students, staff and the wider school community wherever there is a need. The Chaplain works in both 1:1 and group settings to facilitate healthy relationship building, positive self esteem, improve social and emotional skills, and is specifically trained to support those struggling with grief, loss, and cyber-bullying. The Chaplain is also works as a part of the school wellbeing committee to plan for and deliver student, parent and staff support services under the direction of school leadership.

Our school Chaplain is trained in trauma-informed practices and can provide support in times of need (such as experiencing difficulty with family or peer relationships, struggling with low self esteem, or processing grief and loss) and is available to listen to any one who is in need.

They are also available to speak with parents and carers and appointments can be made at the school office.​



A water safety program takes place in Term 4 for all students.