Student Representative Council

Fun Fridays

Fun Friday happens every Friday for one hour. To get to fun Friday we must show respect, resilience and responsibility. You can do this by being good, helping your friends when they need you, respecting your teachers, by being helpful, and listening to your teachers and try your best.


This year the SRC and School Captains are fundraising for a cubby house for early childhood students and football goals for the football oval near upper primary. We are going to sell ice cups and ice-creams to fundraise. There will also be a disco every second Friday. Entry to the disco is 50c. At the end of each term we are going to do a Talent Show. It will cost 50c to come and watch the students.

What we plan

This year the SRC and School Captains are going to make sure the students of MacFarlane follow the school values of respect, responsibility and resilience. We hope to set up netball rings permanently in the basketball courts and draw up lines for the AFL oval every second week to use.

 MacFarlane Primary Student Representative Council