Canteen Price List - Canteen List - Term 2, 2023

Manageress: Donna Fairclough

Assistant Manageress: Sabrina Cifra

Our canteen provides a good range of nutritious food and drinks. The service operates daily for breakfast, recess and lunch. A menu is published each term and order bags are available in each classroom. ‘Specials’ are available regularly and advertised well in advance of the availability.

Best Start

MacFarlane Primary School operates a special breakfast with a mentor program which caters for all children attending the school, together with their family members. Breakfast is served daily from 7am to 8am and consists of toast, fruit, cereal and milk and, often, a hot ‘special’. There is no cost involved.

Volunteers from the community are encouraged, as mentors, to sit and enjoy breakfast with the children, spending time talking or reading to them. By just sitting down and having breakfast with the students, we are sending a message that our students are important, worthwhile human beings and that breakfast is an important Best Start to the day. It’s also an opportunity for students to get to know other students and teachers.

Also 2 other programs run at this time: Before School Reading for Early Childhood students each morning and a before school activities program which operates 5 days a week for all students.